Handipets was born out of Sidney’s Journey.  While trying to save our animals who had been poisoned by an illegal hunter, we used our car payment money, our car was repossessed, then with no transportation there was no job so we then lost our home.  We had relocated with my mother in a family subdivision when Sidney our beloved cat who was shot by a neighbor who knew he was a pet.

I just happened to be watching a court trial on Court TV and had been on the Court TV discussion board where I told some friends about what had happened.  Many came forward asking if they could help.  They requested Sid’s vet info and hour by hour donations for Sids emergency amputation came pouring in.  Within 72 hours we had enough donations and Sidney was operated on and his life was saved.




We wanted to give something back so we restructured our sanctuary to provide homes for disabled pets since they are the ones who rarely get out of shelters.  We also set up our Handipets website to allow for disabled and injured pets to be posted and we would try to help families raise funds for their pets.

Handipets Home Sanctuary and Handipets Haven Website are privately owned by a small family and run completely on good faith donations.  We rely on local good will from those who know what we do, and from website viewers who read about Sidney and our other disabled rescues.  We provide subdomain or free pages for people trying to raise money for their own pets.  It’s not much…but it’s something we can do to give back for the help we received when our baby was shot.

Handipets Home is not accepting new pets.  We don’t expect to be taking new pets any time in the near future.

Pets are provided with forever homes and once full there is simply no room for “just one more”  We have to be able to provide care for those who live with us and since we operate out of pocket we must keep our population to a level we can afford.

Donations are used for keeping us ahead of the game in food since our pets eat a combination of dry foods, raw foods, all natural canned foods, and we receive a monthly shipment of a commercial dehydrated raw food preparation from Honest Kitchen.

If you would like to help out we welcome donations and we have an Amazon Wish list where you can help us with food or supplies.


Thank you for your time

Becky & Amy

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