Marty Success Story

I have found myself in a desperate situation with a devastating outcome if I don’t find some much needed help. My 8 week old kitten needs a life saving surgery.

My boyfriend, Brad, and I visited some mutual friends on the weekend of September 26th, 2009 in Tallahassee, FL. Once we arrived, we met one of the girl’s 11 week old kitten. He had an obviously large, solid belly and was walking uncomfortably. This girl had a full time job and left the kitten locked out of her room every day where his food, water or litter box were, all day. She works at a profitable job and never took the kitten in for a visit at the vet after she adopted him, as the shelter made her sign and promise. The second day we were there, the kitten’s anus prolapsed. If his belly full of worms wasn’t sign enough that the kitten needed to see a vet, his anus being forced out was clear enough to anyone.

The owner locked him in a cage because his “butt is gross” and right then decided that she wasn’t going to take him in to the vet because it cost too much money. She left the kitten in there and was going to leave it to die outside. I immediately called my vet hospital from back home in Chicago and all my former employees I had worked with at Petco. I’ve worked as a grooming assistant and trained service dogs for the handicapped and I know that no animal should have been living like this kitten.

The girl didn’t care about the kitten anymore, so my boyfriend and I took him home with us to Tampa, where we live and go to school. The very next day, the kitten, which we named Marty, had a vet visit. The vet let us know that this 11 week old kitten was really no more than 6 weeks old and weighed only 1 pound! The vet confirmed that Marty had a terrible case of worms, along with a horrific ear infection and a large infestation of fleas. Because his previous owner hadn’t gotten him de-wormed after she adopted him, Marty’s worms were so bad that they had forced his anus to prolapse. The diagnosis required a surgery in which he would have stitches around his anus. This surgery is usually successful, especially in young kittens, if the worms and prolapse are treated in time.

His surgery was almost $300.00, and could have been prevented had he been taken to the vet to get a simple check-up and medicine when he was adopted. My boyfriend is unemployed and a full time student and I have a part time job working 6 hour weeks, maximum, for minimum wage while being a full time student. Needless to say, we were not ready to pay for the vet visit as well as a surgery. We are both huge animal lovers, so helping Marty was not even a question for us. While having the stitches in for a week, Marty was de-wormed with a 5-day treatment and 2 other strong de-worming medicines. In between the visit to get the stitches in and out, Marty went in for 2 more vet visits, because Brad and I were so worried that he would get infections and just wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly. The day his stitches came out, everything was looking good. The next day, his anus prolapsed yet again. Another vet visit and cost later, we were told to wait two weeks to see if it would go back in. Discouraged two weeks later, the vet gave us two options: humane euthanasia or a surgery with a 100% success of never prolapsing again.

Brad and I love Marty so much. He is our child, and touches every part of our hearts. The day we saved Marty from sure death, he saved us. Marty wants nothing more than to be by people, constantly following us around the house, begging to sleep on our laps and constantly giving kisses. He is so happy yet has never known a truly happy life without pain. Marty never whines, despite the half hour sessions of cleaning and lubing his anus, consistent vet visits, stitches and having to wear an E-collar all the time so that he doesn’t lick and dry out the exposed anus. He is such a trooper and has been so strong in his very short life. To know that Marty could be a happy and not in pain after this surgery lifts up my heart and spirit. The only problem is the cost.

Brad and I can not afford the permanent surgery, which costs around $3,500.

We have already spent so much more than anyone ever should have, had it all been prevented with just one vet visit after his adoption. We are so pressed for money and trying to raise as much as we can. As college students, not many of our friends have money to donate, and neither do non-profit organizations. Everyone wants to help so bad, especially after they meet Marty, but no one can financially.
Brad and I need to make a decision soon, and while we wait for answers, Marty lives his life with a prolapsed anus, constantly wearing an E-collar and relentlessly uncomfortable and in pain. He doesn’t deserve this life of pain that he has only ever known. Marty, Brad and I would be eternally grateful if you even consider our application. This one surgery will change our entire lives and allow Marty to be a kitten. A real kitten. Marty is my entire life, and I can not and will not let him be taken from me if this one surgery can fix all of his problems.

Receiving any donation would be the best thing to happen to our family and would finally allow Marty to experience a life where there is nothing but love. Marty is too young, too loving, too undeserving of pain and most of all, too much a part of us to be anything but better and healthy. I appreciate any help you can give our family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for even taking the time to read about Marty.

Little Marty still needs after care.  He needs a special diet for a little while and must be neutered.  He also needs a round of shots.  This is all important to his recovery and after all this little one has been through I’m sure many of us want to make sure he has all four paws firmly on the road to health.  As we know the family is a college couple and only one has a part time job.  They have really worked hard putting their own funds into Marty’s extensive health care needs.  If we can give them just one more boost to get past this point we can all rest knowing his young life has really just begun.

If you MUST use a credit card I will accept donations through my account on behalf of Marty and will forward them through Marty’s chip in as I did during the surgery fund raiser.

For Credit Card donations only please use this button:

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126 Responses to “Marty Success Story”

  1. Thank you for the recent contribution to Marty’s surgery! Please pass this post around to your friends. The “share this” button at the bottom of the post is really helpful.

  2. Becky says:

    Marty was in the ER last night with an inflamed anus. It took two trips but eventually the swelling was reduced enough so he could pass bowel. This poor little boy needs help as soon as possible. He can be repaired! He doesn’t have to live this way, but medical procedures are so costly. There was no time to get insurance on this little one so this all has to come out of pocket.

  3. Amber (Marty's Mommy) says:

    Thank you everyone who takes a look at Marty’s page. We are more thankful than you can ever imagine for all the help and generosity we are receiving. Soon, we will post links to Marty’s videos on Youtube- they are sure to make you smile!

  4. deletha says:

    Good luck to you and Marty. I have 3 lovely kitties of my own. Some have required a little extra help to survive and have happy lives, too. Thank you for what you’re doing. Kiss Marty for me.

  5. Emily says:

    Hey. I am sick to my stomach about your poor little boo. Isn’t there a vet who will do the surgery while you are in the process of raising the money? I am sure there is one out there. We found one accidentally. I pray for him and will be donating as soon as I get paid this Friday!


  6. Matthew says:

    I’m in, and I’ve shared your link. You are making good progress. Good luck to Marty.

  7. Marty is doll, don’t worry lil guy! I’ll be tweeting for your cause til we get you fixed up. :)

  8. Jennifer Walraven says:

    Have you contacted the shelter that adopted Marty out to the negligent (understatement I know) girl and also the animal control officer so you guys can work together on this? They have all of her information, charges can be pressed for animal abuse and neglect. I would ask the court that she pay for Marty’s vet bills. After that the girl can reimburse the state or go to jail. As a former shelter worker we helped pay vet bills for emergencies such as yours (especially if the animal came from the shelter). I am positive they will want to be informed of the situation. In meantime, it is a great idea asking for donations. That poor excuse for a human being shouldn’t be allowed to get off scot free. Good Luck!

  9. Handipets says:

    Thank you everyone for the supportive comments and the donations to help Marty. Please keep this circulating in all your groups, forums and social networks. This boy is so young and otherwise healthy, he has a long life ahead of him, lets give him that life! The family is having trouble paying for such a large procedure, but they have been paying for ongoing care to keep him alive and as healthy as possible while waiting for the surgery. They will give him the right care once he’s over this hurdle in his young life.

  10. Anne says:

    Jennifer W. has a great point. I also used to work at a shelter, and our auxiliary would help out owned pets in need. In my experience, shelter folks are THRILLED when a pet’s people take initiative to help the pet. They probably can’t give the entire remainder, but I bet they’d not only give what money they could, but would also promote Marty’s cause. It shouldn’t be refreshing to see someone going to great lengths for their pet(s), but in reality not many people do, so local shelters and rescues might be willing to picth in what they can – and maybe promote Marty’s cause. After all, you did rescue him from a certain and awful death. GO TEAM MARTY!

    I’m not getting started on Marty’s original adopter because none of us need to deal with my rage at 9 p.m. on a Friday.

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