Spooky needs help with chemo treatments

I am asking for help in paying some of my cat Spookys chemo treatments. He is in a 1 year treatment program and has had 4 months [going on 5 months] of chemo and I need some help in paying the remainder of his treatments.

If I can get a few people to help instead of one person that may be easier.

He is doing exceptionally well on his chemo and the doctors are amazed. They even asked me to put him on a diet.

I am scared I will not be able to give him the treatments he needs — he has about enough to cover the next 4 treatments at best. Treatments vary by drug in costs and its been minimum cost treatments. He gets 4 types of drugs.

My veterinary can give you the details of his health and the costs, Dr. K. Oberthaler 212-767-0099 at NYC Veterinary Specialists

please he means so very much to me and I do not want the treatments to stop.

Any help is appreciated, I have exhausted almost every web site and link and time is getting short.

I borrowed from family and friends already for his hospitalization when he had an ultrasound [saw only 1 mass] colon-oscopy [they removed the mass successfully along with surrounding colon/tissue which was free of cancer as well.

I still owe people plus I am on a payment plan for the hospital bill still.
Money I know does not stretch that far and I have put my story on blogs, make a wish foundation, and another site and so far nothing.

If anybody can please give so Spooky can continue with his chemotherapy treatments donations can be made to

NYC veterinary Specialists
410 West 55th Street
NY NY 10019
212-767-0099  [212-767-0098 fax]

Just mention Spooky Spiro or ask for Vivian Llodria.
or pay pal tazzy92796@aol.com

Thank you for your kindness and contribution in helping Spooky beat lymphoma

Thank you Lillian Spiro

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2 Responses to “Spooky needs help with chemo treatments”

  1. Anthony says:

    Everything will work out just fine for Spooky – he’s in my prayers…

  2. anonymous says:

    Please help this kitty, it’s the holidays, imagine if we were going through this at holiday time, not fun. Even a $5.00 donation would help, even $2.00, the more people that help this cat the better his changes for getting his medicaiton and recovery. Please help Spooky.

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