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Shadow Needs Surgery for Aural Hematoma »


Dusty the Doberman Thanks You! »

I received this message from Dusty's family on March 2, 2010: We were able to get some assistance from a Dobe organization and when we combined that with the donations that came in through Dusty’s Handipets page, it was able to hold us over until we could work out our payments with Care Credit. We had to do some major crunching but we were

Grim Will Have Her Surgery! »

Update From Grim's Family:  We've received the necessary funds to get her cataract surgery. Grim will be having cataract surgery on 2/1/10. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible. Grim is a 2-year old terrier mix at the Rock Springs, Wyoming Humane Society.  She suffers from cataracts and needs sight-saving surgery.  We are

Marty Success Story »

Marty Success Story

I have found myself in a desperate situation with a devastating outcome if I don’t find some much needed help. My 8 week old kitten needs a life saving surgery. My boyfriend, Brad, and I visited some mutual friends on the weekend of September 26th, 2009 in Tallahassee, FL. Once we arrived, we met one of the girl’s 11 week old kitten.

Updated! Milo has been helped! »

I just received this message from Milo's family: "Please remove Milo from the donation please :) He is taken care of!" Milo is a 5 year old boxer/pit bull mix.  He has already had a TPLO surgery on his left hind leg and several ligament surgeries on his right hind leg.  Unfortunately the surgeries didn't hold and Milo's right hind leg

Happy Ending Update on Gizmo! »

Gizmo Update! August 7, 2009, 3:10 pm So,since she had the surgery, Gizmo has been wearing this t-shirt so thatshe wouldn’t try to scratch at the incision/sutures. (I bought acouple of them for her.)Gizmo loves the beach, so I was thrilled to get her a beach themed t-shirt. As of today, however, she is suture and t-shirt free and

Please Vote for Sidney’s Photo to be on a Soda »

This photo could be used in the upcoming Jones Soda labels. Vote on the photoAmy one of Sidney's moms drinks Jones Cream soda and she just happened to see on the box where we could submit a photo to be voted on to be on a label.  I think a kitty who was loved around the USA when he was shot and needed emergency amputation would be a